The Tefal Companion

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There are now two models of the Tefal Companion in Australia. The first, released in 2015 was the Cuisine Companion and then in 2021 the i-Companion XL was launched. Watch my unboxing of the i-Companion XL for more information on its new features.

FeatureCuisine Companioni-Companion XL
2.5L working capacity
3L working capacity
Lid2 layers of plastic (harder to clean but lightweight)Stainless Steel and glass (heavier)
TurboTurbo button and speed 12Speed 12
PulsePulse buttonSpeed 13
Automatic programsSauce, soup, slow cook, steam, pastry and dessert Soup, slow cook, steam and pastry
Temperature range30C – 130C with lid on30C – 130C with lid on and
135C-150C with lid off
Bluetooth connected for more recipes and automatic programs via appNoYes
Bowl plug to covert to a flatter bottom frying panNoYes
Compatible with all accessories (mini bowl, external steamer, shredder / slicer, double whisk)YesYes
Tefal Companion, Model Features Compared


Lady cooking in the i-Companion

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