Book FAQs

You’ve bought a shiny new kitchen appliance, you unpack the box with excitement, flick through the manual, pop the bowl and blades in soapy water and then reality hits. What now?

This book takes you step by step from making the basics of buttercream and soup to showing you how to cook your curry and rice all at once. It focuses on teaching you the capabilities of the Tefal Companion and innovative cooking techniques, through an informative how-to section and a variety of recipes. Ensure you buy the relevant edition of the book for your machine.

Why are the two different editions of the book?

Both books contain the same recipes with machine specific methods, introductions and how-to guides. They are essentially the same book but tailored for each of the two machines, the Cuisine Companion and the i-Companion XL. This is especially important as the “How-to” guide is different for each book and the key to learning and many happy days cooking.

Should I buy the i-Companion edition if I already own the original?

Absolutely! The “how-to” guide has been updated with the new and changed features for the machine, as well as the necessary recipe method changes. Existing customers of the first book should have received a unique discount code via email to allow them to buy the i-Companion edition for only $5!

What’s in the book?

The theme of the books is mastering your Tefal Companion. There are detailed “How to” guides and a series of innovative and delicious recipes to teach you the simple techniques of making buttercream and soup through to cooking curry & rice at the same time. It’s a 38 page book for every Tefal Companion user, beginner or experienced.

Where can I buy the books?

All books will be sold on this website here.

Is it a print book or ebook?

All print books have been sold, ebooks can still be purchased.

How much is the book?

The ebook edition of each version is A$15.00.

What payment methods do you accept?

Credit cards, debit cards and Apple Pay are accepted via a secure external payment gateway provider. No personal payment details are stored on this website.

Do I need to have the Tefal Companion accessories (steamer, shredder and mini bowl) to get value from this book?

No. All recipes in this book only require the base machine and one standard size bowl.

How to do I download my ebook?

Instructions for several devices can be found here.