Beetroot Salad

I developed this recipe to help raise awareness for Breast Cancer, after a close friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. She became one of the statistics, one of the eight women who get breast cancer in their lifetime and the 1/2074 who are diagnosed under 40 years old. For me, this was my third friend under 40.

The disease is likely to be much more aggressive in young women and is often found at later stages, as detection in this age group is based on self-examination. Breast Cancer Awareness month is to remind us all to perform these checks and to give insight into what it’s like to be diagnosed, treated and live with Breast Cancer. My full awareness post can be read here.

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Beetroot Salad Yum
Course Sides
Prep Time 10 min
Course Sides
Prep Time 10 min
  1. Fit shredder blade C
  2. Add shredder lid
  3. Place beetroot and carrots into the chutes, in turn
  4. Speed 11
  5. Remove lid
  6. Add all remaining ingredients
  7. Stir through with a spoon
Recipe Notes

Beetroot should be placed in the large chute
Carrots should be placed in the small chute
Beetroot can stain, consider using gloves and wash the shredder immediately

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