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Convert traditional or thermal cooker recipes to the Cuisine Companion

Convert traditional or thermal cooker recipes to the Tefal Companion

As a relatively new machine to the market, there are a limited number of specific Tefal Companion (CC for short, after the orignal model’s name Cuisine Companion) recipes, especially compared to the 1000s of Thermomix ones around. The majority of these recipes can easily be converted and made beautifully in the Tefal Companion. I originally shared this with in the  Facebook group and  following the incredible success people had, I decided to share further. Keep an eye on this page as I will update the guide as I discover new tricks or settings. All the Thermomix recipes that I have explicitly converted can be found here. If you are after specific Tefal Companion recipes I suggest you check out my blog recipes and my Essential Guide and cookbook for the Companion. My book also covers how to convert traditional stove top recipes, which is simple and one of the Tefal Companion’s best features.

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ThermomixCuisine Companion
ButterflyIf for whipping use whisk e.g. Custard. If for stirring use the mixer blade e.g. Curry
Chopping onions / vegetablesTMX recipes often have a 2 step process for chopping the garlic or ginger and then the onion or vegetable. In the #TefalCC it's best to combine these two steps to get sufficient volume. Ignore the first step and then using the instructions for the onion (or vegetable) step, Ultrablade / Speed - add 4 / Double time / insert steam basket to stop the food flying up. Pausing half way and scraping down will help get a more even result.
Interval speedSpeed 2
MC offStopper out. TIP if contents is likely to splatter, place steaming basket on top of lid
MC onStopper in. On Maxi steam if want to keep liquid in food or Mini steam if what to reduce very slightly.
Milling nutsCrushing blade / Speed - Pulse / Triple time / insert and line the steaming basket.
Milling spice mixes / sugar Crushing blade / Speed - Pulse / Double time / insert and line the steaming basket. Works better in double (or more) batches.
Slowest speedSpeed 3
SmoothiesCrushing blade / Speed - add 2 / Half the time. Then Speed - Pulse for remaining time. For a smoother result make in double batches.
SpeedAdd 2
Spoon speed / reverse Mixer blade / Speed 3
Steaming food inside bowlUse 700ml water independent of recipe. Note rice can not be steamed in the CC basket.
Temperature - Varoma / steaming 120C
Transfer to thermoserverKeep warm function. This is the default at the end of slow cook programs.
VaromaThe TMX Varoma is an external multilayered steaming tray. One for #TefalCC will be available in Mid 2016. Until then these recipes can prove more difficult to convert.